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Important Notice from School Cash Online

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Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for a parent volunteer to run our water program.   Each Tuesday we need the empty classroom water jugs collected and replaced, and the empties taken to Tottenham Foodland.  Please call the office if you can help us out!  (905) 936-3711

Author Visit for Students in Grades 6-8

On the morning of Monday November 10th, the grade six, seven and eight students will be visited by Canadian author Sigmund Brouwer.  He is one of the authors that wrote one of the books in last year’s The Seven Series.  The Seven Series was so popular that the same seven authors wrote seven more books entitled The Seven Sequels.

On the night on Monday November 10th, students and their parents can meet five of the authors from these series in the cafeteria at Banting Memorial High School at 7pm.  In the hour and a half presentation, each author will give a mini-presentation and the students will be able to get their copies of their books signed by the authors.  It was a fabulous event last year and this year’s is looking to be its equal.

So if you would like your grade 6, 7 or 8 student to meet Canadian authors: Sigmund Brouwer, Shane Peacock, Ted Staunton, Eric Walters and John Wilson, come on out on Monday November 10th at 7pm.  Please leave a message with Mr. Gray to tell him of your plan to participate so we have an idea of the number of chairs that will be needed for the night.  Thank you.

QSP Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting the QSP Magazine Fundraiser!

Please be sure to send in your paper subscription orders by Thursday October 30th.

And remember you can support the school at any time of the year by ordering on-line at and use the group id # 3720166.


Monthly Assembly

Student of the month and sharing assemblies are held the last Friday of the month.  Due to dances in the gym on the last Friday of this month, our assembly will be held on:

Wednesday, October 29th

Jr./Int. Student of the Month – 9:20 AM
Pr. Sharing – 9:45 AM